Shutter Ranges


This is our most popular range.  The classic comes in five shades of neutral and white tones with a beautiful satin finish.  Constructed from low density mixed fiber means that we can offer a range of shutters that are very competitively priced but look absolutely stunning.


Another option for shutters on a budget the Marchwood also comes in white and natural tones.  Here the doors are constructed of basswood which is much lighter than LDF and means that even very large windows can be accommodated.


This is our midrange timber plantation shutter which is another lightweight option. With attractive grain finish, six painted colours and eighteen stained finishes to choose from Phoenix is a great option when adding style and colour to your home.


The Grovewood is a top quality timber product that is particularly hard wearing and durable.  It is made from premium quality hardwood allowing the natural beauty of the grain to show through.  There are also thirty seven possible choices of stain and paint finishes and even an option for bespoke shades.


This is our premium range.  Western red cedar is a quality sustainable wood, light weight and water resistant.  The two available oiled finishes show of the beauty of these lovely wooden shutters.